The Employment Law Centre of WA (Inc) is an independent, not for profit community legal centre specialising in employment law.

We provide free, confidential legal advice on employment matters to vulnerable Western Australian employees.

We aim to help employees understand their rights and obligations so that they feel confident in pursuing their legal options.

ELC celebrates WAIRC appointments

The Principal Solicitor of the Employment Law Centre of Western Australia (ELC), Ms Toni Emmanuel, has been appointed as a Commissioner of the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission. This follows 9 ½ years as the supervising solicitor of a team which has grown to 40 lawyers, secondees and volunteers.

“While Toni will be greatly missed by all of us at the Employment Law Centre, we feel enormous pride in the recognition that this appointment embodies for both Toni and for the Centre”, ELC Manager Sara Kane said today.

“Toni has contributed enormously to the community through her work with our Centre. Her skill, innovation and passion for social justice and human rights have found expression through her work with us. Toni has earned her outstanding reputation for compassion and professionalism which she will carry into her new life at the Commission. We express our deepest thanks and sincerest best wishes to our remarkable colleague.”

In addition, the ELC is pleased to congratulate one of its experienced and popular pro bono lawyers, Damian Matthews, now also appointed as a Commissioner of the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

The ELC is proud of its longstanding assistance to the State’s most vulnerable workers and its national recognition as a leading specialist employment law service. Its operation relies in very large part on government funding. These excellent appointments come at a challenging time for the ELC with the expectation that the WA State Government will cease funding the service from July 2016 and its Commonwealth funding is under review.

Click the link below for ELC’s full press release.

Centre celebrates appointments – 10 Feb 16 (1)

Click the link below for the Attorney-General of Western Australia’s press release

New IR commissioners appointed

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