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Request for legal advice

Instructions for using the form
    • Please fill in the information required below. If you are having problems understanding or using the form, please call our Advice Line instead.
    • When you have filled in all the required information, submit your form by clicking on the "Send" button.
    • After you have submitted your form, we will contact you using the email address you have provided, to let you know if we are able to provide you with legal advice.
Important message about time limits

The time limit for making some claims involving dismissal can be as short as 21 days. If you wish to lodge a claim, you should make sure you do so within the time limit. If you can’t get legal advice by then, you may wish to see our our fact sheets, information kits and other information resources to help you.

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Who we can and can't help

  • We can only provide advice to Western Australian employees who meet our eligibility criteria.
  • We can't provide advice to union members or independent contractors.
  • We can't provide advice in relation to superannuation, tax or workers' compensation.
  • We can't provide advice where demand for our service exceeds its capacity

Privacy statement

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Your details

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Personal circumstances

  • I have a disability
  • I have dependents
  • I have problems reading or writing English
  • I am under 21 years of age
  • I am over 50 years of age
  • I am an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • I live outside the Perth metropolitan area
  • I am a trainee or apprentice

Please check the box that applies to you and give further information if required.

Please check the boxes that apply to you and give further information if required.

Income from a partner

Personal income

Personal income

Income from a partner

Personal income

Personal income

I declare that everything in this form is true and correct. I have not made a previous application for advice. I understand that it is a criminal offence to gain a benefit through deceit. I understand that I may be asked to provide evidence verifying the information I have provided, and agree to provide such evidence if asked.

Providing false information is not just fraudulent, it also prevents other vulnerable employees from receiving advice, including employees who may be homeless, have several dependents on a single income or who may be victims of human trafficking.

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