Service announcement on COVID-19
ELC is OPEN during our usual service hours. The health and safety of our clients, staff and volunteers is paramount. As a result, we have transitioned to work remotely. This has had a temporary impact on the capacity of our service. Thank you for patience and understanding as these new systems are put in place. For information on COVID-19 CLICK HERE. If you are seeking legal advice CLICK HERE.


The Employment Law Centre of WA (Inc) is an independent, not for profit community legal centre specialising in employment law.

We provide free, confidential legal advice on employment matters to vulnerable Western Australian employees.

We aim to help employees understand their rights and obligations so that they feel confident in pursuing their legal options.

If you have been dismissed from your employment, be aware that you may have as little as 21 days to make a claim. 


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Some of the things we can give you advice and information on include what to do if:

  • you have lost your job
  • you think you aren’t being paid correctly
  • your employer or prospective employer has discriminated against you
  • you have been bullied or sexually harassed at work