Personal/carer’s leave

Personal/carer’s leave is a minimum condition under the law for all permanent employees in Western Australia. Accrued personal/carer’s leave can be taken when an employee has a personal illness or injury which prevents him or her from attending work, or where he or she is required to care for a family or household member because of illness, injury or emergency. Part-time employees accrue personal/carer’s leave on a pro rata basis.

To take personal/carer’s leave, you need to let your employer know as soon as practicable that you wish to take the leave and how long you’re likely to be on personal/carer’s leave. If your employer asks you to provide evidence of the reasons you are taking the leave, then you need to provide your employer with evidence that would satisfy a reasonable person. This may involve providing a medical certificate or a statutory declaration to your employer. For more information on personal/carer’s leave, see our fact sheet Minimum conditions at work.