Do you have a dispute with your employer? Have you considered mediation? If you have a dispute with your employer, but you don’t want to go to court, there are other options available to you. One of these options is mediation. Mediation involves an independent, impartial and qualified third party assisting you and your employer to resolve the dispute.


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The Advice Line is the first and main point of contact if you are seeking legal advice from us about your employment. We aim to equip you with the knowledge and information you need to understand your legal options and to pursue legal claims to enforce your rights. Click here to go to the Advice Line page

Appointments and Representation

Beyond the legal advice provided through our Advice Line, ELC may be able to offer further assistance to vulnerable clients with meritorious claims.Legal Research

We undertake substantial legal research on issues of employment law.

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Our community legal education staff visit organisations to provide tailored presentations, information sessions and seminars on a broad range of topics. These include basic employee rights, an overview of employment law in Western Australia for non-lawyers and how employees can get the most out of ELC’s services. We aim to educate the WA community about workplace rights and to promote a better understanding of what can often be a complex area of the law. Click here to go to the Community Legal Education page

ELC advocates on behalf of vulnerable employees and actively contributes to law reform in employment law and related areas such as anti-discrimination law, equal opportunity law, access to justice and human rights. We usually make written submissions. However our staff have also appeared and made oral submissions at Parliamentary inquiries. Click here to go to the Law Reform page