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Some of the information in our videos refers to national system employees and state system employees. If you are not sure which type of employee you are, you may wish to first read our fact sheet National system employee or state system employee which one are you? or see chapter 2 of our first video “Employment Law in WA”

This video gives a general overview of several concepts in employment law, including the difference between the national and state system employees, casual and permanent employees, employment contracts, minimum entitlements, union membership, discrimination and sexual harassment, bullying and general protections.

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This video explains certain pay entitlements and other entitlements your employer may have to give you if you lose your job. It also explains some of the different types of claims available if your dismissal was unfair, or taken for a reason which is not allowed by law. These claims are called unfair dismissal, unlawful termination and general protections.


This video explains what ELC does, who we can help, and how you can access our resources.


This video explains the resources that are available on our website and how best to access them. It explains our InfoGuide, our fact sheets, our information kits and our helpful links page.

More Resources

You may wish to use our InfoGuide if you do not know what employment law issue applies to you. Our InfoGuide will ask you questions about your employment to work out which of our fact sheets, information kits and other resources is best for you. You should use the InfoGuide if you have not called our Advice Line yet.

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You may find these fact sheets helpful if you already know what your employment law issue is and you would like some general information. Our fact sheets are designed to help you with common employment law claims, issues you may experience in the workplace and entitlements you may be able to receive. You should use the fact sheets if you have already called our Advice Line or used our InfoGuide.

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You may wish to use our information kits if you know that you can make a particular claim and would like specific information on how to make that claim. Our information kits are designed to help you lodge your claim, prepare for conferences or hearings and give you some information on what to expect from the process. You should use the information kits if you have already called our Advice Line or used our InfoGuide.

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You may wish to download a list of private solicitors who practise in employment law if you need more assistance than ELC can provide. You should download the private solicitors list if you have already called our Advice Line are not eligible for our services.

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If you are having difficulty with any of the terminology used on this site our Glossary can assist by providing a quick reference guide to legal terms, services and organisations featured on the site.

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